Internal Examination Reforms and Continuous Internal Evaluation

The continuous internal evaluation system of the college has following measures:

  • The Internal Assessment: - It will be carrying 20% weightage and shall be monitored based on parameters like-
    • Class test/multiple choice questions/open book test/unit test etc.
    • Home assignments/case study/quizzes/group Discussion.
    • Attendance
    • Seminar or project etc.
    • Industrial visit/field work/visit to research Institute.
    • Active participation in routine class instructional deliveries.
    • Overall conduct as a responsible student, skill in articulation, leadership qualities expressed in co-curricular activities etc.
    The break-up of weightage to these parameters are as specified in the syllabus of the given subject.
  • Unit Tests/Class tests: After completion of each unit, class tests are conducted by the corresponding teacher and its evaluation is done.
  • The college conducts End Semester Exams (Term Exams) for the students according to the schedule specified in the academic calendar.
  • Students are given regular assignments. Doubts of students are taken care of after the tests and counseling is done if required.
  • Arts and commerce department also conducts Viva-Voce to assess students.
  • Various academic programmes like poster making competition, power point seminar competitions, are organized in which performance of students are assessed.
  • Collaborative group work, field work, excursion reports and student presentations have been made an essential part of most courses. Project work is also increasingly a part of most courses.

The system of evaluation is satisfactory and broad so as to measure different types of skills.

Internal Examination Committee

Sr.No. Name of Committee Member Designation Contact details
1 Dr. M. Subhas Principal, Chairperson 9860251366
2 Dr. K.C. Patil VP. Science, In charge 8788842871
3 Dr. A.K. Mahatale VP. Arts, In charge (Coordinator) 9822729472
4 Prof. V.S. Bodhale VP. Commerce, In charge 9673142910
5 Dr. G.A. Shambharkar Assoc. Prof., Member 9890868307
6 Dr. F.W. Niranjane Assoc. Prof., Member 9881552909
7 Dr. P.S. Jogi Assoc. Prof., Member 9890843972
8 Dr. S.S. Wankar Asst. Prof., Member 9420448210
9 Dr. N. R. Baig Asst. Prof., Member Coordinator, IQAC 8766845198


  1. To prepare timetables for unit test and end semester examinations.
  2. To introduce reforms in internal examinations.
  3. To make students aware through notices and emails about examinations.
  4. To circulate notice for the submission of question papers well in advance.
  5. To successfully conduct the Semester End Examinations.
  6. To ensure that the mark lists are submitted by the lecturers to the Examination Section by due dates.
  7. To make inventory of the required Stationery well in advance and put up the requisition for required items at least 2 months in advance.
  8. To prepare course/programme wise distribution of pass percentage and submit the same to the IQAC Committee.

Unit Test and Terminal Examination Session 2021-22

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Internal Exam Time Table

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