Welcome to Janata Mahavidyalaya

Janata Mahavidyalaya was started by Hon’ble Shri S.B. JIWATODE GURUJI in the year 1958 to educate the students especially belonging to socially and economically backward sections of the society. Initially, under-graduate courses in Arts and Commerce were introduced. In the year 1961, under-graduate courses in Science were also introduced. It was the lone college in the combined Chandrapur-Gadchiroli District when it was established.

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vision and mission


Our vision is to create a society where education will act as a true liberator and capacity-builder, and unite people on the anvils of peace, tolerance and understanding, and where the benefits of education will reach each and everyone, enabling them to live with self respect, dignity and enlightened awareness.

  • Develop the skills, competencies, and attitudes which are required to live in the present knowledge society.
  • Develop critical and analytical thinking
  • Enable students to bring out best in academic, cultural and sporting pursuits
  • Impart knowledge in a conceptually sound and applied manner
  • Prepare students for lifelong and continuous upgradation of knowledge and skills
  • Nurture moral values, develop socially committed professionals and contributors for nation building
  • Expand the frontiers of knowledge through research, independent thinking, and continuous learning

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University Toppers
Ms. Ashwini Ashok Zade
M.Sc. Chemistry
3rd Merit, Session 2019-20
Ms. Radha S. Radharamwar
M.A. English
3nd Merit, Session 2019-20
Ms. Shyama A. Pandey
M.Sc. Physics
3rd Merit, Session 2019-20
Ms. Sulekha D. Dutta
M.sc. Botany
3rd Merit, Session 2019-20
Ms. Sonali G. Sarda
M.A. Economics
3rd Merit, Session 2019-20
Mr. Saurav Madhukar Upare
B.Sc. [PCM]
1st Merit, Session 2019-20
Mr. Shubham Mohanlal Dakhore
M.Sc. Computer Science
3rd Merit, Session 2019-20
Ganesh R. Yergude
B.Com. 5th merit 2016
M.Com. 3rd merit, 2017
Mr. Hirdayashah R. Atram
M.Com. 2nd merit, 2017
Ku. Shadma A. Shaikh
M.Sc. Chemistry 3rd merit, 2018
Ku. Namaratra A. Thombhare
M.Com. 9th merit, 2018
Ku. Shyama A. Pandey
B.Sc. 9th merit, 2018
Ku. Sonam S. Kashyap
B.Sc. 10th merit, 2018
Ku. Shewta R. Gautam
M.A. English 1st merit, Summer 2019
Ku. Chetna Pidurkar
M.Sc. Computer Science 3rd merit, Summer 2019
Ku. Minal Gaherwar
M.Sc. Botany 3rd merit, Summer 2019