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About Department

Department of History was established in the year 1958. The department offers under-graduate programme. The students actively participated in the departmental as well as college campus programme.Department organised the U.G.C. sponsored state level seminar on topic “Recent Trends in History-Subalterns studies and Feminism” also department actively participated in Avishkar and Sports day and campus activity.Department visited to coin exhibition ,coin gallery and historical places.


  1. The department is dedicates to providing a quality education.
  2. The department of history prepares students for a wide range of careers by teaching.
  3. The department helps to creating role for nation building.
  4. History department developed the student’s critical thinking skill.
  5. To create more interest in history subject because history is a bridge which connect past to present. Everyone should know our nations as well as world history betterment of mankind.
  6. To motivate the students for civil service examination like mpsc, upsc, net, slet, banking, lic etc.
  7. Mission of the department is that educate students for effective leadership.


  • The department of history will be nationally and internationally recognised for educating.
  • History developed potential career paths.
  • Department produce innovative knowledge.
  • Department has conducted various programmes such as class seminar and debate for students developed the leadership.
  • The department seeks to build its students transferable skill such as research, employability, presenting information through teaching history and conducting various activities.
  • To study historical sites in chandrapur vision.
  • Objectives

    1. To develop leadership qualities and good character through the study of history.
    2. To make students knowledgeable in the subject and encourage them.
    3. To learn lessons from Historical events and enhance the feeling of National Integration.


    1. Seminar.
    2. Students Seminar.
    3. Career Counseling Programme.
    4. Personal Counseling Programme.
    5. Guest lecture.
    6. Visit to Historical Places.
    7. Educational tour.

    Name of Courses offered

    Undergraduate Post Graduate Skill oriented course
    • B.A.



    All programs are semester and Choice Based Credit System (CBCS)

    Teaching staff

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    1 Mr. Nitin Andelkar CHB
    2 Mr. Mahesh Kakde CHB --

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